Summoner Account Integration + Swapping Rules

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With the addition of EUW and EUNE Gamercraft tournaments and the growth of the European Gamercraft community, we have seen that a large number of players regularly play on both the EUW and EUNE servers depending on which friends they are playing with.

Since each Gamercraft account can currently only be integrated with a single Riot account, we have been receiving requests from players to swap their integrated account between their EUW and EUNE Riot accounts to participate in certain tournaments on certain days.

While we understand that it not ideal to be locked into a single region for Gamercraft tournaments, especially for European League of Legends players, competitive integrity and fairness are at the top of our priorities list, so moving forward, an account swap will only be permitted if the account you are swapping to is the same tier or higher than the one you are swapping from, and just as importantly, is still compliant with all of Gamercraft’s Fair Play rules. In addition, ‘ARAM accounts’, which are lower level accounts that only own top tier ARAM champions, are not allowed and will be removed from the tournament.

With that being said, the Gamercraft team is developing a new feature to enable each Gamercraft account to link multiple Riot accounts (one for each region) in order to improve the overall Gamercraft experience, which is expected to release in Q4 of this year. Until this feature is released, account integration update requests will be done solely through the Gamercraft mobile app (Account > Summoner Integration > Request Update).

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