Frequently Asked Questions

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Account Recovery:

  • I forgot my password / username, what should I do?
    • Password Reset: Follow the instructions here
    • Username: Attempt to sign in using your phone number, if you are still having problems, please submit a request here and our support team will assist.
  • I mistyped my email when I was signing up, what do I do?

Account Verification:

  • How do I verify my account to compete in ranked tournaments?
    • Learn about your competitive status here. If you still need your account to be checked and verified, please submit a request form here
  • My Gamercraft account was banned, how can I get it unbanned?
    • Fill out a request form here
  • My Riot Account was banned, how do I link another account?
    • Unfortunately, having your Riot Account banned is due to breaking their ToS, which breaks our ToS and we cannot link another account outside of your main account.
  • I accidentally linked the wrong Riot Account, how do I fix it?
    • Fill out a request form here
  • Can I link two different accounts from two different regions to one Gamercraft Account?
    • At this time, no. Only one account can be linked.
  • Do Ranked Flex games count towards the 15 game requirement?
    • While they do count, we can gather more data around your individual skill from solo / duo ranked games.
  • I have two accounts and the one I don't have linked is now higher rank, should I link my higher rank one now?
    • First off, we appreciate your honesty! Please submit a request form here and we will help you out.

Bracket Tournament Support:

  • Our opponents did not show up, what do we do?
    • Please first make sure that the 15 minutes have passed before contacting support.
    • In order to get live tournament support, please open a support ticket in our Discord Server.
      • You will need to provide:
        • Gamercraft Username
        • Tournament Name
        • Team Name
        • Opponents Team Name
        • Screenshot of the lobby
  • The tournament is full, can you expand it?
    • In most cases, we can expand it! 
  • Where is my tournament code?
    • If your opponents are listed as "TBD" this means you have a bye in the bracket tournament
    • If you are still having trouble finding your match code, you will need to open a support ticket in our Discord Server.
      • You will need to provide:
        • Gamercraft Username
        • Tournament Name
        • Team Name
        • Opponents Team Name
  • How do bracket tournaments work?
    • It's easy! Simply make sure everyone on your team has a Gamercraft Account, invite them to your team, find the tournament you want to compete in and hit join!
    • Once the tournament kicks off, you'll receive match codes that you use to join the game lobby.
    • Once a match is completed, the match results are automatically recorded!
  • I got promoted to a different tier and cannot play with my friends anymore, what can I do?
    • You can still play with your friends, just in a higher tier that you are eligible for!

Ladder Tournament Support:

  • My ladder score isn't update / isn't correct, what do I do?
    • Fill out a request form here
  • How is this account averaging 200+ points per game? How do I report them as a smurf?
    • Fill out a request form here
  • How do Ladder Tournaments work?
    • Learn all about Ladder Tournaments here
  • Which regions can I play ladder tournaments on?
    • All regions are eligible for ladder tournaments!
  • Can I duo, or is it solo ranked only?
    • You can play either solo, or duo.


  • If I earn more than $600, will I lose 30% in taxes?
    • Only if you have NOT submitted your tax form after earning more than $600 and/or do not have tax treaties with the U.S. If you've submitted your Tax ID, there's no withholding. Also to further clarify, the money does not go to Gamercraft. It goes to the IRS.
  • How do I get the prize redemption form and fill it out?
  • I redeemed my prizes to the wrong email, can you change my prize information so I redeem it to the correct one?
  • How do I change my prize payout method?
    • You can change your preferred payout method by following the instructions here
  • I received an email about my prizes being withheld, what does that mean?
    • It means that you have received over $600.00 USD in cash prizes from our tournaments! Congrats! You've made some big money here. After earning $600.00 USD, you will need to submit your tax form to receive any additional prizes. If you have submitted your tax form after earning more than $600 and/or do not have tax treaties with the U.S, you may be subject to withholding.
  • I haven't gotten my prize yet, what do I do?
    • Prizes take 5-7 business days to be fulfilled.
      • NOTE: Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days.
    • If you still have not received your prize after 7 business days have passed, you can contact us to get additional support here


  • I joined a tournament, but then found out I wasn't going to be able to play, can I be refunded?
    • All refunds are in the form of Gamercraft Credits. As long as you leave the tournament, you will get your money back, just in the form of Gamercraft Credits.

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