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League of Legends: ARAM Rules

All rules listed in League of Legends Summoner's Rift Rules still apply, unless specified below for ARAM tournaments only

1. Sides:

  • In an ARAM match, there is no pick priority
  • Map sides are randomly assigned in the app.
    • Teams must adhere to the assigned sides or face disqualification or an ungamerlike warning

2. Gamercraft Tier System

  • Tiers are automatically assigned at account creation & after a successful anti-cheating review by our app. Our Tiers do not replace League of Legends rank. In fact, we use ranks as one of the main parameters to draft players into the specific tier leagues
  • Gamercraft's Tier System has 7 specific tiers designed to account for the different skill ranges within the game's player distribution to create more competitive experiences to Gold, Silver & Bronze players which account for the majority of the players base.
    • Our seven tiers are:
      • Elder, Baron, Herald, Infernal, Sentinel, Wolves, Poro
        • In order to participate in a specific tournaments, you must meet the tier eligibility criteria

3. Smurfing:

  • Smurfing is prohibited here at Gamercraft & it does not stay there. We are proactive about catching smurfers. We conduct reviews at the moment of signup & before and after every tournament
  • Smurf Patrol: The Smurf Patrol is an internal compliance department whose primary job is to identify & purge smurfers from our platform. The final decisions of the Smurf Patrollers will be binding & may be appealed
  • Smurf Patrol Authority: Smurf Patrollers will have access to all match codes and can spectate any match at their own discretion. A player can only be flagged for smurfing once significant evidence has been presented and a majority consensus has been reached (by all Smurf Patrollers)
  • Reported smurfers have the right to appeal to Gamercraft’s & the Smurf Patrol’s decision

4. Champion Select:

  • During ARAM, all champions are assigned to each player randomly
  • There are no rerolls in custom ARAM games (Riot's restrictions, not ours)

5. Pauses:

  • During ARAM custom matches, pauses are not allowed (Riot's restrictions, not ours)

6. Disconnections:

  • If a disconnection happens during Champion Select, it will result in a forfeit for the team with the member who disconnected
  • If a disconnection happens while the match is ongoing, the match must continue & the disconnected player can join back
  • Game restarts will only be allowed once if approved by both teams and / or a Gamercraft Admin

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