General Rules

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1. Participation:

  • Gamercraft Account
    • You must have a valid Gamercraft account and have satisfied all of the conditions needed to sign up for the application.
    • You must only play in a tournament with your account that best represents your skill level and champion pool.
    • You are only allowed to compete in one active bracket tournament at the same time.
      • This rule does not apply to multi-day tournaments if the schedules are different.
    • Accounts must abide by Riot's Terms of Service 

2. Gamership & Code of Conduct:

  • Gamership, the ultimate set of expected virtues (valor, courage, respect, positivity, and fairness) and behaviors all competitive gamers should have.
  • We expect all Gamercraft users to behave ethically and kindly towards each other, always exhibiting respect for the game, platform and opponents.
  • Our Code of Conduct and Terms and Services applies to all tournaments and interactions within our Discord server and applications.
  • Toxicity will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of the infraction you may be banned from Gamercraft.


3. Anti-Smurfing & Cheating:

  • A smurf is any player who signs up for Gamercraft on an account that misrepresents their skill level (including champion pool). We want you as a player, not as a smurfer. Any form of cheating or smurfing can result in a permanent ban from Gamercraft.
  • At signup, Aegis, our anti-cheating and skill-ranking algorithms analyze of all your historical gaming statistics to assign an anti-cheat status and place you into a competitive division based on your in-game rank. Only players with the Verified status are allowed to compete in our tournaments.
  • All gamers are required to comply with our GID (Gaming ID) verification in order to register and join Gamercraft. Each Gamercraft account will be linked to a phone number, an email address, a League of Legends account, and a Discord account. This federated network of ID’s are the first barrier of our anti-smurfing efforts.


4. Prizes:

  • Prizes may include Cash, Amazon Gift Cards, Cryptocurrencies, or Gamercraft Credits.
    • Amazon Gift Cards are in the form of USD
  • In order to receive prizes with monetary value, your identity must be verified and all of our compliance standards must be satisfied.
  • Prizes are void if no matches are played or in the event of a disqualification or a forfeit.

5. Refunds: 

  • All refunds are in the form of Gamercraft Credits
  • If a plyer or team does not show up for a tournament, they forfeit their right to a refund.
  • If a team is flagged for cheating in a tournament, they forfeit their right to a refund.

6. Offenses and Consequences:

  • All offenses have consequences, including being permanently banned from Gamercraft.
  • For a full list of offenses and their definitions, please visit: 
  • Gamercraft, Inc reserves the right to modify these rules at will.

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