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What is Gamercraft?

Gamercraft is a tournament platform that strives to bridge the gap between amateur and pros. We make it easy to win cash prizes and rewards with our skill ranked tournaments.

Aegis, our own proprietary anti-cheating system, analyzes accounts from the moment you sign up, register for tournaments, and even during and post tournament participation. This allows us create the most fair and competitive playing grounds for our players. 

In parallel to Aegis, each user is also assigned a Tier. A tier is a reflection of your account's gaming history and skill. Participation in our tournaments will provide us with more data of your competitive skill and has the ability to promote or demote tiers to make sure you are getting the best competitive experience possible.

We help players gain experience in a competitive setting while also helping to strengthen their knowledge and strategies with our coaching sessions and blog, The Shotcaller


Additionally, we are building foundations around a strong community presence, by helping connect players with similar goals. Here at Gamercraft, every player matters.

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