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League of Legends

The Gamercraft Score is a composite score based on your in-game performance. It's built to most holistically capture your contribution to your team's victory, allowing each role, each champion, each tier, and — more globally — each team composition and playstyle to compete and have the same chances.


To ensure Supports can compete and have even chances at taking the top prize, they are not scored on farming. They also receive a Vision and Objectives buff specifically aimed at capturing a Support's contribution to destroying the nexus. 


Sub-score Description
KDA A sum of kills, deaths, and assists to measure the positive and negative impacts you had on fights. 
Kill Participation How active you were in helping your team secure kills
Life Points A composite score of damage done, healing, shielding, and tanking relative to deaths
Farming Your farming performance relative to your rank, opponents, and teammates
Vision A measurement of your awareness and how much information you gather
Objectives A measurement of your contribution in securing objectives for you and your team

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