Gamercraft Tier System 2.0

This evolution of our tier system is more advanced, fair, and stable. It was to guarantee fairness and be resilient to abuses. There are seven Gamercraft competitive divisions:

It is important to note that the tier assignment is automatic based on your League of Legends rank and that the thresholds between each division might change over time.

Tier Assignment

When players join Gamercraft, they will be assigned a division corresponding to the highest rank ever reached on League of Legends. It prevents elo-sitting and some types of smurfing. It prevents elo-sitting and some types of smurfing. Plus, we’ve learned that the actual player skill does not decrease harshly over time, and this is a good initial estimate of someone’s level. Fear not being stuck in too hard a division. You can always go down the ladder after losing a few games.

Based on whichever tier you qualify for, you can enter into our classic tournaments and the new Leagues and competitive circuits we'll be releasing in tandem with the tiers.

Promotions & Demotions

We then have two separate systems:

  • The first one is updated with all of your games at our tournaments and your movement in the game’s ranked ladder. After a fixed number of games, we are confident in this estimate of your skill (think of it as your placement games in League). You can then move up the ladder if you’ve won a lot, but not down yet.

  • The second system takes into account your results at cash-paid tournaments only. Those are high-stakes games where everyone should give his best. For this reason, this is our most trustworthy indicator of a player’s skill. Given enough games at cash-paid tournaments (again, placement matches!), we use this skill rating to determine your division and forget everything else. This is the only way you can move down a division.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Tiers?

Tiers are a by-product of our Alpha and Beta phases and months and months of testing. They will allow us to gamify our ecosystem, organize more engaged, interconnected formats, and provide fairer competitive experiences for all ranks.

Do League of Legends rank matter?

Yes, they do. Our Tier Leagues do not replace League of Legends rank. In fact, we use ranks as the main parameters to draft players into the specific tier leagues.

How do I get into a tier?

By having a Gamercraft account. Tiers are automatically assigned at account creation and after a successful anti-cheating review by our app.

My friend and I are in different tiers or divisions, can we both play in a tournament?

It depends on the tournament or competitive experience. To participate in a tournament together, you both need to meet the eligibility criteria. In case the league or tournament excludes one of you, you can always enter Poro (Unranked) Tournaments.

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