The Tiers & Competitive Divisions

Gamercraft has eight different tiers:

  1. Elder - Master to Challenger

  2. Baron - High Diamond to Master

  3. Herald - Mid Platinum to Low Diamond

  4. Infernal - High Gold and Low Platinum

  5. Sentinel - High Silver to Mid Gold

  6. Krugs - High Bronze to Low Silver

  7. Wolves - Low Iron to Mid Bronze

  8. Poro - Unranked

It is important to note that the tier assignment is automatic based on your League of Legends rank and that the thresholds between each division might change over time.

Tier Assignment

Tiers are automatically assigned after signup and upon a successful anti-cheating review by our anti-cheat system and our Fair Play Team.

Based on whichever tier you qualify for, you can enter into our classic tournaments and the new Leagues and competitive circuits we'll be releasing in tandem with the tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Tiers?

Tiers are a by-product of our Alpha and Beta phases and months and months of testing. They will allow us to gamify our ecosystem, organize more engaged, interconnected formats, and provide fairer competitive experiences for all ranks.

Do League of Legends rank matter?

Yes, they do. Our Tier Leagues do not replace League of Legends rank. In fact, we use ranks as the main parameters to draft players into the specific tier leagues.

How do I get into a tier?

By having a Gamercraft account. Tiers are automatically assigned at account creation and after a successful anti-cheating review by our app.

My friend and I are in different tiers or divisions, can we both play in a tournament?

It depends on the tournament or competitive experience. To participate in a tournament together, you both need to meet the eligibility criteria. In case the league or tournament excludes one of you, you can always enter Poro (Unranked) Tournaments.

Can I get promoted/demoted to a higher/lower tier?

Your Gamercraft tier is decided based on both your League of Legends in-game performance and internal (tournament) performance. Depending on your performance, you and/or your team might be placed in a tier that more accurately portrays your skill and champion pool.

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