Gamercraft Integrations

Gamercraft’s anti-cheating and tier integrations are internal tools and algorithms that review your account performance and historical data to ensure you are compliant with our anti-cheating standards and are placed in the right skill-based tier.

Anti-Cheating Integration

Here at Gamercraft, our goal is to catch all cheaters and smurfers before even playing a single Gamercraft game. We run our anti-cheating algorithms at tournament signup and after tournaments to detect several instances of cheating and ensure that only Verified players can compete.

Our system analyzes all of your historical normal and ranked match data for signs of cheating at signup. Depending on the result of the check, you might be placed into one of three anti-cheating statuses:

  1. Verified

    1. This status is assigned when the model did not detect any suspicious activity from your Riot Account. With this status, you can join all tournaments, teams, and activities within Gamercraft.

  2. In review

    1. This status means that our anti-cheating model cannot fully clear all of the anti-smurfing parameters on your account and that a manual review is needed. You can still check out our tournaments, but you can’t join any teams or tournaments under this Riot Account until a final decision has been made.

    2. Q: I was assigned this status. What can I do?

      1. During business hours (6am to 6pm PST), a manual review takes less than 30 minutes. Once a decision has been made, the app will notify you via push notification and email. You will get automatically placed into one of our competitive tiers. You can check the status of your verification anytime in Settings under Summoner Integration.

  3. Flagged

    1. This status is assigned when the model detected suspicious activity in your account history, friends list, and in-game performance. To maintain the competitive integrity of our tournaments, until your account has been verified, you cannot participate in any of our tournaments.

      1. You may either add a different Riot Account on the app reviewed by our anti-cheating system and Fair Play team or contact our Support team to gather more information about this automatic ruling.

    2. If you have been Flagged, note that you have 1 chance remaining to add a different account that more accurately reflects your skill level.


Gamercraft's tiers are skill-adjusted competitive divisions based on your League of Legends rank and historical competitive statistics. This new system will allow us to gamify our ecosystem, organize more engaged, interconnected formats, and provide fairer competitive experiences.

To learn more about tiers, please click the button below:

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