All League of Legends rules listed here still apply, unless specified below for ARAM tournaments only.

  1. Sides:
    - In an ARAM match, there is no pick priority
    - Map sides are randomly assigned in the app. Teams must adhere to the assigned sides or face disqualification or an ungamerlike warning

  2. Rank / Level Guidelines:
    - The minimum rank and level requirements to join and participate in Gamercraft ARAM tournaments are:
    - Level 45
    - Rank - Differs for each tournament; Check tournament information in app

  3. Smurfing:
    - Smurfing is prohibited here at Gamercraft and it does not stay there. We are proactive about catching smurfers. We conduct reviews and also create a performance index (handicap) out of all the custom games created by Gamercraft.
    - Smurfers and Smurfing Accomplices may be permanently banned and may also be reported to all Gamercraft's partners, stakeholders, and other leagues and tournament platforms.
    - All users are still required to be playing on their main account.

  4. Champion Select:
    - During ARAM, all champions are assigned to each player randomly
    - There are no rerolls in custom ARAM games (Riot's restrictions, not ours)

  5. Pauses:
    - During ARAM custom matches, pauses are not allowed (Riot's restrictions, not ours)

  6. Disconnections:
    - If a disconnection happens during Champion Select, it will result in a forfeit for the team with the member who disconnected
    - If a disconnection happens during the match is ongoing, the match must continue and the disconnected player can join back.
    - Game restarts will only be allowed once if approved by both teams or a Gamercraft Admin

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