1. Joining the Match Lobby:
    - All teams must use the provided tournament code found within the app
    - Teams will have 15 minutes after the match start time to join the lobby. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit
    - Starting the game 15 minutes after the match code has been generated will result in a forfeit or double forfeit.
    - The FF will be issued to the team with a complete roster in the lobby. • Teams have up to 15 minutes to join the following games and brackets after the codes and notifications have been issued.

  2. Randomized Side Selection:
    - In a BO1, map sides and pick priority (Blue/1st or Red/2nd) are randomly assigned every game. Teams must adhere to the assigned sides or face disqualification or an ungamerlike warning.
    - In a BO3, map sides and pick priority is randomly selected for the first game. After that point, the team that got the red side in the first game, will get the blue side for Game 2.
    - In the event that a team has side selection for a game, but is not the first team to enter the lobby, the opponent should move to the red side until they arrive. Not respecting this rule will result in a disqualification.

  3. Substitutions:
    - Substitutions after registering for a tournament are not allowed. In order to change the roster, the team captain needs to leave the tournament and re-join the tournament before the lock in period of 10 minutes before the tournament start time.

  4. Spectators:
    - Each team is allowed to have one spectator during the game, which must be a coach or fellow team member. Spectators will view the game with a 3-minute delay, ensuring the match integrity.
    - Spectators must join with the same League of Legends account they registered in the Gamercraft App

  5. Rank / Level Guidelines:
    - The minimum rank and level requirements to join and participate in Gamercraft tournaments are:
    - Level 45
    - Solo Queue Ranked Accounts for the current active season (Unranked solo accounts will not be accepted)
    - Rank Check
    - We check ranks and account analytics when joining tournaments. Both Ranked Solo and Ranked Flex for the current active seasons are both taken into account and the higher of the two is your rank.

  6. Smurfing:
    - Smurfing is prohibited here at Gamercraft and it does not stay there. We are proactive about catching smurfers. We conduct reviews and also create a performance index (handicap) out of all the custom games created by Gamercraft - Smurfers and Smurfing Accomplices may be permanently banned and may also be reported to all of Gamercraft's partners, stakeholders, and other leagues and tournament platforms.

  7. Forfeit & Double Forfeit:
    - A forfeit (FF) is when the entire team fails to show up to the game lobby within the time frames established in Rule #1. This automatically grants the other team a win.
    - A double forfeit (DFF) occurs when both of the teams fail to show up to the game lobby. The winner of the other match will automatically get a win in the following bracket or round.

  8. LCS Order & ProDraft:
    - LCS Order & ProDraft are not mandatory and are courtesy.
    - If one team proposes LCS Order / ProDraft, the other team may or may not accede to it.
    - Gamercraft encourages all teams & players to maintain the principle of Gamership at all times.

  9. In-Game Pauses:
    - Each team can pause the game for a maximum, cumulative amount of 5 minutes.
    - In extreme cases of technical difficulties, the pauses can go beyond this threshold if both parties agree.
    - Exceeding the 5 minute mark without a valid reason approved by admins or without agreeance from both parties, will result in a disqualification.

  10. Live Tournament Support:
    - Gamercraft is committed to providing responsive support to our competitors & will address concerns within 120 seconds of receiving it while a tournament is active.
    - While we'll go the extra mile to solve & address your issues & requests, there are a few areas where Gamercraft has no control over & can't provide support & will be redirected to contact Riot Games.

  11. Disconnections:
    - If a player disconnects during Champ select, they have 5 minutes to reconnect. The same picks & bans must be fulfilled. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit
    - If a player disconnects during the game, they have 5 minutes of pause time for the player to reconnect. If the player is unable to reconnect within the 5 minutes, the game must be continued
    - The disconnected player can join back in the game even after the 5 minutes of pause time has passed

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